About Us

Our Objective

To leave each Client delighted with quality work that exceeds expectation.

We offer:

  • Flexible & creative solutions
  • Quality design & finish
  • Open & amiable communication

Background is a small family business based in North Northumberland. It was founded by Stewart Davies who has been a Carpenter/Joiner for eighteen years.


After finishing his studies at Richmond College, Stewart spent 10 years working with a property development company in London during the boom of the late eighties and nineties. He began on site as a 'chippie' and progressed through the company to take on roles of site foreman and project manager. Many of his projects were total refurbishments of luxury flats in Chelsea, Belgravia, and Hampstead. Stewart subsequently started his own business carrying out final-finishing and bespoke additions (wardrobes, bookcases, etc) requested by the purchasers of the same newly developed properties.

In the last few years Stewart has moved to the North East, developed a new Client base and set up  Here his projects have been diverse in size, subject and location; renovating traditional Northumberland barns, converting garages, replacing and repairing doors and windows, and some boat renovation. Stewart has a team of local associates, specialist in related trades, who work with him when required.

Range of Clients

Our Clients generally fall into one of three categories.

  • Clients who know exactly what they want and are ready with detailed specifications
  • Clients who are unsure of options¬† and require proposals of alternatives
  • Clients who simply have a problem and need to find a solution

We have the design expertise and the creative thinking to deliver the optimal solution in each scenario.